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Boat Airdopes Atom 81 Pro: Stellar 13mm Drivers & 100-Hour Playback Debut at ₹999

The esteemed Indian electronics brand Boat has enriched its Airdopes collection with the debut of the Boat Airdopes Atom 81 Pro earbuds. Priced enticingly at ₹999, these earbuds promise premium auditory quality, remarkable battery longevity, and user-centric attributes. Be it a gamer, a fitness aficionado, or a connoisseur of pristine sound on the move, the Boat Airdopes Atom 81 Pro could very well be your ideal auditory companion.

Design and Comfort

A defining characteristic of the Boat Airdopes Atom 81 Pro is its avant-garde design. Deviating from the ubiquitous silicone tip earbuds, the Atom 81 Pro adopts a sans-silicone tips design. This innovative approach offers several perks. Primarily, it ensures a snug fit sans pressure or irritation within the ear canal. Enhanced airflow diminishes moisture entrapment, mitigating discomfort during extended usage.

Nevertheless, this design choice does entail a compromise. The absence of silicone tips may lead to minimal sound leakage, potentially influencing the auditory experience in cacophonous surroundings.

Sound Quality

In terms of sonic excellence, the Boat Airdopes Atom 81 Pro is commendable. Outfitted with 13mm drivers, these earbuds deliver the quintessential boAt sound, beloved by its enthusiasts. The substantial drivers ensure profound bass, lucid mids, and sharp highs, providing an engrossing auditory experience whether indulging in music, viewing videos, or engaging in calls.

Microphone and Call Quality

Efficient communication is pivotal for any commendable earbuds, and the Airdopes Atom 81 Pro excels with its quartet of microphones and ENxTM technology. This sophisticated setup ensures your voice is conveyed with clarity during calls, even amidst noisy environments. The technology adeptly mitigates background noise, facilitating uninterrupted dialogues.

Beat Mode for Gamers

Gamers will particularly relish the Beat Mode feature of the Boat Airdopes Atom 81 Pro. This mode offers an impressive 50ms low latency, critical for synchronizing audio with visuals seamlessly. Whether engaging in rapid-action games or immersive RPGs, the low latency ensures a fluid gaming experience.

Battery Life and Charging

Among the most laudable aspects of the Boat Airdopes Atom 81 Pro is its battery endurance. These earbuds boast up to 100 hours of playback time, ideal for lengthy travels, arduous workdays, or protracted gaming sessions. Furthermore, the ASAP charge technology ensures that a swift 5-minute charge can provide up to 100 minutes of playback. This is facilitated by a Type-C charging port, guaranteeing rapid and efficient recharging.

Boat Airdopes Atom 81 Pro Connectivity and Pairing

Regarding connectivity, the Boat Airdopes Atom 81 Pro supports Bluetooth 5.1, ensuring a stable and efficient link with your devices. The earbuds also incorporate IWP (Instant Wake and Pair) technology, expediting the pairing process. This means as soon as you open the case, the earbuds instantaneously connect to your device, conserving time and effort.

Durability and Water Resistance

The Airdopes Atom 81 Pro are crafted to endure the rigors of daily use. They possess an IPX5 rating, rendering them resistant to sweat and splashes, making them suitable for workouts, runs, or any outdoor activities encountering moisture.

Color Options and Aesthetics

Aesthetic appeal significantly influences any tech gadget’s allure, and the Airdopes Atom 81 Pro is no exception. They are available in three chic colors: Ivory Elegance, Obsidian Noir, and Slate Fusion. Each hue has been meticulously selected to cater to diverse tastes and preferences, ensuring a pair that complements your style.

Pricing and Availability

The Boat Airdopes Atom 81 Pro earbuds are currently accessible on Amazon at an introductory price of ₹999. This competitive pricing renders them an attractive option for those seeking premium earbuds without a hefty price tag. They are available for immediate purchase, ensuring prompt acquisition.

Comparison with Other Models

Boat has been prolific with product launches, introducing the Airdopes 300 and Airdopes 311 Pro alongside the Atom 81 Pro. The Airdopes 300 is notable for offering spatial audio at a budget-friendly price, whereas the Airdopes 311 Pro features a striking transparent design and 50 hours of playtime. In comparison, the Atom 81 Pro provides a harmonious blend of superior sound quality, exceptional battery life, and user-friendly features.

User Experience and Reviews

Initial feedback for the Airdopes Atom 81 Pro has been overwhelmingly favorable. Users have lauded the comfort of the no-silicone tips design, the powerful and clear sound quality, and the impressive battery life. The seamless pairing process and reliable connectivity have also been highlighted as significant advantages.


The Boat Airdopes Atom 81 Pro earbuds are a splendid addition to the Airdopes lineup. With their comfortable design, superior sound quality, clear call performance, and extensive battery life, they offer exceptional value for their price. Whether you are a gamer, a music enthusiast, or someone in need of dependable earbuds for daily use, the Atom 81 Pro is worthy of consideration.


Q.1.What are the key features of Boat Airdopes Atom 81 Pro?

The primary features include 13mm drivers for high-quality sound, quad microphones with ENxTM technology for clear calls, Beat Mode with 50ms low latency for gaming, 100 hours of playback time, ASAP charge technology, Bluetooth 5.1 support, IWP technology, and an IPX5 rating for water resistance.

Q.2.How does the Airdopes Atom 81 Pro compare to other Boat models?

Compared to models like the Airdopes 300 and 311 Pro, the Atom 81 Pro offers an excellent blend of sound quality, long battery life, and user-friendly features. It is competitively priced and designed for a broad range of users.

Q.3.Are the Airdopes Atom 81 Pro suitable for gaming?

Yes, the Airdopes Atom 81 Pro is well-suited for gaming, courtesy of the Beat Mode feature that provides 50ms low latency, ensuring perfect audio-visual synchronization.

Q.4.How durable are the Airdopes Atom 81 Pro?

The Airdopes Atom 81 Pro are quite durable, featuring an IPX5 rating that makes them resistant to sweat and splashes, making them ideal for workouts and outdoor activities.

Q.5.Where can I buy the Airdopes Atom 81 Pro?

The Airdopes Atom 81 Pro is available for purchase on Amazon at an introductory price of ₹999.

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