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BYD’s Qin L DM-i Hybrid Sedan Debuts with Great Fuel Economy and Range

On May 28th, BYD launched the Qin L DM-i Hybrid Sedan, showcasing a big step in car engineering with its advanced fifth-generation DM hybrid system. This new hybrid sedan aims to improve vehicle efficiency, featuring the world’s best engine thermal efficiency and lowest fuel consumption. Let’s explore what makes the Qin L DM-i a leader in hybrid cars.

Revolutionary Fifth-Generation DM Hybrid Technology

The Qin L DM-i Hybrid Sedan uses BYD’s new fifth-generation DM hybrid technology. This system sets new industry standards, achieving a high engine thermal efficiency of 46.06%. This means more fuel energy is converted into useful work, reducing waste and boosting performance. With a fuel consumption of just 2.9L/100km, the Qin L DM-i is extremely fuel-efficient.

Qin L DM-i Hybrid Sedan Performance and Efficiency

The Qin L DM-i Hybrid Sedan combines a 1.5L gasoline engine with a strong electric motor. This setup provides excellent performance and high efficiency. The plug-in hybrid design lets drivers use both electric and gasoline power, making it perfect for different driving needs. This advanced hybrid system improves fuel economy and ensures smooth, responsive driving.

Exterior Aesthetics

BYD designed the Qin L DM-i Hybrid Sedan with a modern, stylish look. The front grille is bold and unique, paired with sharp LED headlights that look like “dragon crystal.” The sleek fastback shape adds elegance and aerodynamics, making it both attractive and functional.

Interior Luxuries

Inside the Qin L DM-i Hybrid Sedan, drivers find a well-designed cockpit focused on comfort and control. A key feature is the large central console screen, available in 12.8 or 15.6 inches, offering easy access to vehicle settings and entertainment. The multi-function steering wheel lets drivers control essential features easily, ensuring a seamless driving experience.

Comfort and Convenience

High-end models of the Qin L DM-i Hybrid Sedan offer extra comfort with electric seat adjustment, ventilation, and heating. These features ensure a comfortable ride in any weather. The thoughtful design and quality materials inside create a luxurious and welcoming space for both drivers and passengers.

Battery and Range Options

The Qin L DM-i Hybrid Sedan uses BYD’s blade lithium iron phosphate battery technology. This advanced battery system comes in two versions: a smaller battery with an 80km pure electric range and a larger battery extending the range to 120km, based on CLTC conditions. Combined with the gasoline engine, the total driving range can reach an impressive 2,100 kilometers, making it ideal for long trips.

Advanced Technology

The Qin L DM-i Hybrid Sedan is packed with advanced technology to enhance safety and entertainment. The infotainment system is user-friendly, providing connectivity options for drivers and passengers. Safety features include advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that help prevent accidents and keep occupants safe.

Market Position and Pricing

BYD has positioned the Qin L DM-i Hybrid Sedan to attract a wide range of buyers. It comes in five different models, each with various features to meet different needs. The starting price of 99,800 yuan makes it an affordable choice for those looking for a high-performance hybrid sedan.

Environmental Impact

The hybrid technology in the Qin L DM-i reduces emissions compared to traditional gasoline vehicles. This lower carbon footprint supports global efforts to fight climate change. BYD’s commitment to green technology is clear in the design and function of the Qin L DM-i.

Consumer Appeal

The Qin L DM-i targets eco-conscious buyers who don’t want to sacrifice style or performance. Its blend of efficiency, advanced technology, and modern design is expected to attract a wide audience, from young professionals to families. Early reviews praise the sedan’s impressive range and luxurious features, indicating a positive market response.

Comparison with Competitors

Compared to other hybrids, the Qin L DM-i stands out with unique advantages. Its superior fuel efficiency, extended driving range, and advanced technology set it apart. The innovative fifth-generation DM hybrid system offers benefits that few other hybrids can match.

Future Prospects

The launch of the Qin L DM-i is expected to impact the car industry significantly, pushing other makers to improve their hybrid technologies. BYD’s future plans include further advancements in hybrid and electric vehicle technologies, aiming to stay ahead in the green car sector.


The BYD Qin L DM-i Hybrid Sedan combines efficiency, technology, and style in one package. With its advanced hybrid system, impressive fuel economy, and long range, it sets a new standard in the hybrid market. As BYD keeps innovating, the Qin L DM-i is set to make a lasting impact on the industry and the environment.


  1. What is the fuel consumption of the BYD Qin L DM-i?

The BYD Qin L DM-i has the world’s lowest fuel consumption for a hybrid vehicle, with a rate of 2.9L/100km.

  1. What is the driving range of the Qin L DM-i?

The combined driving range of the Qin L DM-i can reach up to 2,100 kilometers, thanks to its efficient hybrid system and advanced battery technology.

  1. What are the battery options available for the Qin L DM-i?

The Qin L DM-i offers two battery options: a smaller battery with an 80km pure electric range and a larger battery that extends the range to 120km.

  1. How does the Qin L DM-i compare to other hybrid sedans?

The Qin L DM-i stands out with its highest engine thermal efficiency, lowest fuel consumption, and advanced fifth-generation DM hybrid technology, making it a leader in the hybrid market.

  1. What are the key interior features of the Qin L DM-i?

The interior of the Qin L DM-i includes a driver-focused cockpit with a large central console screen, a multi-function steering wheel, and high-end comfort features like electric seat adjustment, ventilation, and heating.

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