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Fire-Boltt Oracle: A New Smartwatch in India

Fire-Boltt Oracle

Fire-Boltt has just launched its newest creation, the Fire-Boltt Oracle smartwatch, right here in India. It’s a neat device with a 1.96-inch screen and can handle 4G LTE SIM cards. Let’s see what this watch offers in terms of features, specs, and price. Meet the Fire-Boltt Oracle: This smartwatch is the latest addition to the … Read more

HKC Unveils Lightning-Fast HKC ANT253VF Gaming Monitor: A Game-Changer for Gamers


Changing How We Play Games In competitive gaming, every tiny moment counts. It’s a world where quick reactions can decide if you win or lose. Seeing this, HKC has introduced something big for its ANTGAMER series: the HKC ANT253VF gaming monitor. It’s filled with new features, like a super-fast 360Hz refresh rate and a lightning-quick … Read more