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Xiaomi Mini LED Gaming Monitor G Pro 27i with 180Hz Refresh Rate & 2K Resolution Launched Globally

Xiaomi Mini LED Gaming Monitor G Pro 27i

Xiaomi has launched its Xiaomi Mini LED Gaming Monitor G Pro 27i worldwide. Initially introduced in China as the Redmi Display G Pro 27, this monitor now enters the global market with a range of high-end features for both casual and competitive gamers. Let’s explore what makes the Xiaomi Mini LED Gaming Monitor G Pro … Read more

Asus ROG Ally X: Amplified Storage, Superior Battery, and Fresh Chassis Revealed

Asus ROG Ally X

Asus has finally unveiled the long-awaited Asus ROG Ally X at Computex 2024. This iteration is not a complete reinvention of the original ROG Ally but rather a substantial enhancement, introducing a plethora of improvements. With expanded storage, an upgraded battery, and a redesigned chassis, the ROG Ally X is poised to elevate the portable … Read more

New Call of Duty to Come to Xbox Game Pass? Microsoft Gears Up for Xbox Showcase, Hints at Big Changes

Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft is getting everyone excited for its Xbox Games Showcase on June 10th. The big talk is about the new Call of Duty possibly coming to Xbox Game Pass. This event, which includes a secret “Direct” presentation, might change the game. Let’s look at what it could mean for gamers and the industry. Microsoft’s Upcoming … Read more

PUBG Mobile is getting a cool upgrade soon: a 120fps setting! This means playing the game will be even smoother and more fun.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is getting a cool upgrade soon: a 120fps setting! This means playing the game will be even smoother and more fun. What’s PUBG Mobile’s 120fps Mode? It’s a big upgrade for gaming. When version 3.2 comes out, players can enjoy super-fast gameplay at 120 frames per second. This makes everything look smoother and … Read more

Sony Puts a Stop to Making Sony PS VR2: Why?

Sony PS VR2

Big news in gaming: Sony decided to stop making the Sony PS VR2 headset everyone was waiting for. They made this choice because they have too many headsets sitting around unsold, and not many people are buying them. But why did they do this, and what does it mean for virtual reality gaming? Let’s find … Read more

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile now available on Android and iOS: Experience the Battle Royale Thrill on Your Smartphone

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile

In recent years, the realm of mobile gaming has seen an unprecedented surge in popularity, with developers striving to replicate the immersive experiences of console and PC gaming on handheld devices. Keeping pace with this trend, Activision has now introduced Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, bringing the adrenaline-pumping action of the beloved FPS game to … Read more

Sony Investigates as More PS5 Pro Leaks Emerge

Sony PS5 Pro

Hey gamers! Sony’s got everyone buzzing with rumors about the possible PlayStation 5 Pro. As folks online dig for info, new leaks keep popping up. And guess what? Sony’s diving into it. The Buzz Around PS5 Pro Leaks Unveiling Rumors and Speculations So, what’s the deal with the PS5 Pro? Everyone’s talking about it! From … Read more

Sony’s Next Level Gaming: Revealing the Super-Fungible Tokens Revolution

Sony gaming

A Gaming Revolution Unveiled In the ever-evolving universe of gaming tech, Sony, the genius behind the legendary PlayStation, is causing a stir with its latest move—unveiling the concept of ‘Super-Fungible Tokens’ (SFTs). Brace yourself, gamers, because these tokens, tucked away on a fancy distributed ledger, are about to flip the script, letting you truly own … Read more