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Exciting News for Pixel 8 Users: Gemini Nano Coming Soon!

Google announced Gemini Nano, their cool LLM AI model, would only be on the Pixel 8 Pro. But here’s the good news: things have changed, and now Pixel 8 owners are in for a treat!

Gemini Nano Announcement Recap So, when Gemini Nano was first revealed, it got everyone’s attention. This fancy AI model was supposed to make using your phone even better. But then, there was a bummer – it seemed like only Pixel 8 Pro users would get to try it out.

Why Not Pixel 8 Before? The big difference between the Pixel 8 and the Pixel 8 Pro? RAM. The Pixel 8 has 8GB of RAM, while the Pro model has 12GB. Even though they both use the same Tensor G3 chipset, that extra RAM in the Pro made a difference.

Google Listened! But hey, Google heard all the Pixel 8 owners feeling left out. They said, “Don’t worry!” and promised to make Gemini Nano available for all Pixel 8 phones. They had to test things a lot to make sure everything works smoothly because different RAM sizes can mean different experiences for users.

Gemini Nano for All Pixel 8 Users So, Google decided to be fair and give Gemini Nano to everyone with a Pixel 8. This is a big deal for Pixel 8 users who really wanted to try out all the cool stuff Gemini Nano offers.

What’s Coming Next? If you’re excited to try out Gemini Nano, you won’t have to wait long. It’s coming in the next Pixel Feature Drop update, expected around June. And there’s more good stuff coming, like better Gboard Smart Reply and the ability to summarize recordings.

How to Get Gemini Nano

Getting Gemini Nano on your Pixel 8 is easy. You just need to do some tapping in your phone’s settings. Head to Settings > About Phone, and tap the build number seven times. Then, you’re ready to enjoy all the advanced AI features of Gemini Nano!

What to Expect Once Gemini is on your Pixel 8, get ready for some awesome improvements. It’ll help you do things faster and smarter, like summarizing recordings and making your Smart Replies even better.

Extra Goodies for Pixel 8 Pro Pixel 8 owners will love Gemini Nano’s features, but Pixel 8 Pro users will get even more cool stuff tailored just for their phones. Google wants to make sure everyone gets the best experience based on their device.

How It’ll Change Your Phone Experience With Gemini on your Pixel 8, get ready for some major upgrades. Communication will be smoother, and managing tasks will be a breeze. It’s like having a super-smart assistant right in your pocket!

What’s Next for AI on Phones? This is just the beginning. Google’s always working on making our phones even smarter. So, who knows what awesome AI features they’ll come up with next?

So, there you have it! Gemini coming to Pixel 8 phones is a big deal. Google listened to users and made it happen. Get ready for a whole new level of smartphone experience with Gemini on your Pixel 8!

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