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Unveiling the Hero Xoom 110 Combat Edition: Essential Insights

In a decisive move poised to revolutionize the scooter domain, Hero MotoCorp has unleashed the Hero Xoom 110 Combat Edition, a sleek augmentation to its array. Valued at Rs 80,967 (ex-showroom Delhi), this fresh variant stands loftily beyond its forerunners, notably the Hero Xoom 110 ZX, with its inventive attributes and unique design facets.

Aesthetics of Hero Xoom 110 Combat Edition:

A Fusion of Elegance and Pioneering Spirit The Hero Xoom 110 Combat Edition is a testament to Hero’s dedication to both elegance and pioneering spirit. Boasting a captivating Matt Shadow Grey hue, embellished with neon yellow and dark grey motifs, it’s certain to captivate attention wherever it roams.

Valuation and Positioning:

Its Place in the Hierarchy Sporting a price tag just Rs 1,000 higher than the Hero Xoom 110 ZX, the Combat Edition firmly cements itself as the fresh apex variant in Hero’s scooter lineup. Let’s delve further into its specifications and attributes to discern its distinctiveness.

Specifications and Attributes:

An Intensive Examination Powertrain Performance: Fusion of Potency and Efficiency At the core of the Hero Xoom 110 Combat Edition lies a robust 110.9cc air-cooled, single-cylinder powerplant. Generating 8.05PS of potency and 8.70Nm of torque, it delivers a spirited performance while ensuring commendable fuel thriftiness.

Innovative Technology:

Enriching the Riding Encounter Brimming with i3S technology, the Combat Edition intelligently conserves fuel by seamlessly halting the powerplant during idle phases. This functionality not only curtails emissions but also augments mileage, rendering it an eco-conscious preference for urban commuters.

Connectivity and Convenience:

Tech-Savvy Attributes One of the standout traits of the Hero Xoom 110 Combat Edition is its comprehensive digital instrument cluster with Bluetooth integration. Facilitating access to calls, SMS notifications, and even phone battery status, it keeps riders connected without compromising safety.

Safety and Maneuverability:

A Seamless and Secure Sojourn Crafted for nimbleness and command, the Combat Edition boasts a telescopic fork and mono-shock suspension arrangement. Teamed with a responsive braking assembly, comprising a front disc and rear drum, it guarantees a secure and pleasurable voyage across varied terrains.

Design and Ergonomics:

Elegance Marries Comfort From its projector LED headlamp to its LED taillight, every facet of the Hero Xoom 110 Combat Edition emanates sophistication. With considerate inclusions like a USB charging outlet and boot illumination, Hero has prioritized both elegance and functionality.

Comparison and Competition:

How Does It Measure Up? Honda Dio and TVS Scooty Zest 110: The Nearest Challengers Engaged in the fiercely contested scooter arena, the Hero Xoom 110 Combat Edition encounters stern competition from the Honda Dio and TVS Scooty Zest 110. Nonetheless, its superior attributes and competitive pricing set it apart as a potent contender in the domain.


Exploring Alternative Prospects For those contemplating alternatives, popular models such as the Honda Activa 6G, TVS Jupiter, and Suzuki Access 125 present compelling options within a similar price spectrum. However, the Xoom 110 Combat Edition’s distinctive amalgam of elegance, performance, and technology positions it as a standout choice worthy of consideration.


Elevating the Riding Realm In summary, the advent of the Hero Xoom 110 Combat Edition signifies a momentous milestone for the marque. With its impressive attributes, sleek aesthetics, and competitive pricing, it redefines the benchmarks for premium scooters in the arena. Whether one is a commuter seeking efficiency or an aficionado yearning for performance, the Combat Edition pledges to deliver an unparalleled riding experience.

FAQs (Frequently Posed Queries)

  1. What distinguishes the Hero Xoom 110 Combat Edition from its adversaries?

The Combat Edition sets itself apart with its innovative features, encompassing i3S technology and Bluetooth connectivity, alongside its striking design elements.

  1. Is the marginal price variance between the Combat Edition and the Xoom 110 ZX justified?

While the price variance is slight, the Combat Edition proffers supplementary features and enhancements that validate its premium stature.

  1. How does the fuel thriftiness of the Xoom 110 Combat Edition compare to other scooters within its category?

Owing to its i3S technology, the Combat Edition delivers commendable fuel thriftiness, rendering it a cost-effective choice for daily commuting.

  1. Are there alternative color options available besides the Matt Shadow Grey motif?

Presently, the Combat Edition is exclusively available in the Matt Shadow Grey color scheme, accentuated with neon yellow and dark grey embellishments.

  1. Does the Xoom 110 Combat Edition come with warranty coverage?

Yes, akin to other Hero scooters, the Combat Edition benefits from Hero MotoCorp’s standard warranty coverage, affording customers peace of mind.

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