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India Lok Sabha Election Results: Stunning Victories and Shocking Defeats Unveiled

India’s 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the largest democratic exercise in the world, concluded with surprising results. With 640 million votes counted, unexpected outcomes emerged, changing India’s political landscape. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) fell short of a majority, while the opposition INDIA alliance gained ground. Let’s look at the key victories, defeats, and surprises of this historic election.

Overview of the 2024 Lok Sabha Election

Historical Context

The 2024 Lok Sabha elections were highly anticipated, set against significant political changes since 2019. The BJP, dominant in the last elections, faced new challenges from a stronger opposition.

Key Players and Alliances

The main competitors were the BJP, led by Narendra Modi, and the opposition INDIA alliance, led by the Indian National Congress (INC). Other regional parties and alliances also played key roles in the results.

BJP’s Performance and Surprises

BJP’s Seat Count

The BJP won 240 seats, missing the 272 needed for a majority. With their allies, they reached 293 seats, enough to form a government but a drop from their 2019 performance.

Factors Behind BJP’s Decline

Several factors caused the BJP’s reduced seats, including voter dissatisfaction, economic problems, and stronger opposition coalitions. Youth, affected by unemployment, significantly changed voting patterns.

The Ascendancy of the INDIA Alliance

INDIA Alliance’s Seat Count

The INDIA alliance, led by Congress, won 232 seats. This was a big increase from their last performance, showing their effective strategies and teamwork.

Strategies and Collaborations

The alliance between Congress and regional parties like the Samajwadi Party (SP) was successful. Strong leadership and coordinated campaigns helped them gain ground in key states.

Uttar Pradesh: A Crucial Battleground

BJP’s Decline in UP

Uttar Pradesh (UP), with 80 seats, was crucial. The BJP’s seats dropped from 62 in 2019 to 33 in 2024 Lok Sabha Election, showing a significant shift in voter sentiment.

The Rise of the Samajwadi Party (SP)

The SP, led by Akhilesh Yadav, became a strong force, winning 37 seats. Their alliance with Congress and effective outreach to marginalized communities helped their success.

Congress’s Enhanced Performance

Congress improved in UP, winning six seats. Their alliance with SP and targeted campaigns were key to this comeback.

Varanasi: A Tight Contest

Modi’s Decreased Margin

In Varanasi, Prime Minister Modi’s victory margin shrank significantly. Congress candidate Ajay Rai reduced Modi’s margin from 480,000 votes in 2019 to about 152,000 votes.

Ajay Rai’s Impact

Ajay Rai’s strong campaign and growing discontent with the BJP’s policies made the race closer, showing shifting political dynamics.

West Bengal: Trinamool Retains Dominance

TMC’s Supremacy

The All India Trinamool Congress (TMC), led by Mamata Banerjee, held their stronghold in West Bengal, winning 29 seats. This was an improvement from their previous tally.

BJP’s Setback

The BJP secured only 12 seats in West Bengal, a decline from their 2019 performance, where they had made significant gains.

Kerala: BJP’s New Frontier

BJP’s Breakthrough in Thrissur

In Kerala, usually a left-leaning state, the BJP won in Thrissur with Suresh Gopi. This was their first Lok Sabha win in the state.

Controversial Strategies

The BJP’s success in Kerala was partly due to aligning with Islamophobic elements in the Christian communities, sparking significant controversy and debate.

Maharashtra: BJP’s Downfall

Congress and Allies’ Triumph

In Maharashtra, the INDIA alliance, including Congress and splintered Shiv Sena and NCP factions, won 30 out of 48 seats. Congress alone secured 13 seats, a notable achievement.

Reasons Behind BJP’s Decline

The BJP’s poor performance in Maharashtra was due to internal fractures and discontent with their “politics of humiliation” toward state leaders and parties. This led to voter dissatisfaction and their electoral setbacks.

Karnataka: BJP Bent, Not Broken

BJP’s Reduced Dominance

In Karnataka, the BJP won 17 seats, fewer than before. Despite winning the majority, their reduced seats showed a shift in voter sentiment.

Congress and JD(S) Gains

Congress and Janata Dal (Secular) (JD(S)) gained seats, winning 10 and 2 respectively. The BJP remained strong in coastal areas like Mangalore but showed signs of weakening overall.

The Pivotal Role of Youth in the Election

Young voters played a crucial role in the 2024 elections. Disillusioned by rising unemployment and unfulfilled promises, they shifted their support away from the BJP, significantly affecting results in key states.

Impact of Unemployment on Voting Patterns

Unemployment was a major issue that influenced voter behavior. The BJP’s failure to address joblessness effectively led to widespread discontent, especially among young voters, contributing to their electoral losses.

The Role of Religion in the Elections

Religion played a significant role in the elections, influencing voter alignment and party strategies. The BJP’s focus on Hindu nationalism faced challenges as opposition parties effectively mobilized minority communities and promoted secularism.


The 2024 Lok Sabha elections reshaped India’s political landscape with surprising outcomes and unexpected shifts. The BJP, still in power, saw significant declines, highlighting the electorate’s desire for change. The rise of the INDIA alliance, the pivotal role of youth, and the impact of unemployment underscore the evolving dynamics of Indian politics. These results will undoubtedly influence future political strategies and governance.


What was the biggest surprise in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections?

The BJP’s decline and the INDIA alliance’s substantial gains were among the biggest surprises, reflecting a shift in voter sentiment.

How did the BJP perform compared to the 2019 elections?

The BJP won 240 seats in 2024 Lok Sabha Elections, down from 303 seats in 2019, indicating a significant reduction in their majority.

What role did unemployment play in the election results?

Unemployment was a major issue, particularly among young voters, leading to widespread discontent and impacting the BJP’s performance.

Which states saw the most significant political shifts?

Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, and Maharashtra witnessed notable shifts, with the opposition making significant gains and the BJP facing setbacks.

What strategies did the INDIA alliance use to gain votes?

The INDIA alliance effectively collaborated with regional parties, targeted marginalized communities, and capitalized on voter dissatisfaction with the BJP’s policies.

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