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Mahindra XUV.e9 EV Seen Testing in India! Here’s What’s Coming:

Mahindra and Mahindra are gearing up to make big moves in India’s electric car scene. They’re planning to launch five new electric cars soon. Among these, the much-anticipated XUV.e9 electric vehicle is making waves as it’s being tested before its possible launch next year. The recent sighting of the XUV.e9 test model, covered in striking blue camouflage, has got car lovers all hyped up.

People are buzzing on social media about the latest sneak peeks of the XUV.e9 as it cruised along Indian roads. Even though the hood was up during the sighting, folks noticed there wasn’t a front trunk (frunk), a feature some other electric cars have. But there’s talk that Mahindra might add more storage space under the hood as the model gets closer to hitting the market.

Design and Features of Mahindra XUV.e9 EV:

The XUV.e9 EV is said to be the coupe version of Mahindra’s upcoming XUV.e8 electric SUV. It’s built on Mahindra’s innovative INGLO platform, the same one used for the flagship XUV700 SUV. Even though we only caught glimpses of the vehicle in the spy shots, it’s clear it’s got a strong presence on the road, especially with those bold wheel arches. While we haven’t seen much of the exterior design yet, it’s expected that the XUV.e9 will borrow some style cues from its SUV sibling, the XUV.e8.

Platform and Foundation:

Choosing the INGLO platform shows Mahindra’s dedication to making cars that perform well and push boundaries. This platform, based on the successful XUV700, is known for being tough and adaptable, promising an exciting driving experience for XUV.e9 owners.

Speculation About the Interior:

We don’t know much about the inside yet, but car fans are guessing it’ll have a fancy cabin with a bunch of digital screens on the dashboard. Recent teasers on social media suggest there might be three separate displays, giving everyone in the car loads of info and entertainment.

Battery and Motor Options:

Word is the XUV.e9 might let you pick between two different battery sizes and a range of motor setups, including single or dual motors. With an estimated range of over 450 kilometers on a single charge, the XUV.e9 is set to shake up the electric car game, offering both flexibility and power.

Range and Performance:

With its impressive range, the XUV.e9 is ready to take on the Indian EV market, catering to all sorts of drivers. Whether you’re cruising through city streets or going on long trips, you can count on top-notch performance and efficiency from Mahindra’s latest creation.


In summary, the spotting of the Mahindra XUV.e9 EV test model has got car enthusiasts pumped, signaling a new chapter in India’s electric car scene. With its bold style, advanced tech, and impressive performance, the XUV.e9 is set to raise the bar in the EV world, showing Mahindra’s commitment to eco-friendly travel and innovation.

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