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MediaTek Unveils Dimensity 7300 Series: Elevating Gaming and AI Capabilities

MediaTek has ascended the ranks within the mid-tier chipset arena with the unveiling of the Dimensity 7300 series. This innovative lineup, comprising the Dimensity 7300 and 7300X, markedly enhances gaming and AI functionalities, thereby establishing a new benchmark for mid-range smartphones.

Dimensity 7300 Series Overview

Today, MediaTek heralded the arrival of the Dimensity 7300 series, incorporating two mid-tier chipsets: the Dimensity 7300 and Dimensity 7300X. Fabricated using a 4nm process, these chipsets consume 25% less power on performance cores compared to the Dimensity 7050. This advancement translates into extended battery longevity and superior efficiency for both quotidian tasks and demanding applications.

Core Configuration

The Dimensity 7300 series showcases a revamped core architecture relative to the Dimensity 7050. It employs a (4+4) core cluster configuration, featuring four Cortex-A78 cores clocked at 2.5GHz and four Cortex-A55 cores operating at 2.0GHz. This setup augments processing power and efficiency, ensuring smoother performance and expedited response times.

Graphics and Gaming Prowess

Equipped with the Arm Mali-G615 GPU, the Dimensity 7300 series boasts impressive graphical capabilities. Coupled with MediaTek’s HyperEngine, this robust GPU guarantees an exceptional gaming experience. MediaTek asserts that the Dimensity 7300 series achieves 20% higher FPS while consuming 20% less power than its competitors. Consequently, gaming on mid-range devices becomes more enjoyable and enduring.

Intelligent Resource Allocation

A pivotal attribute of the Dimensity 7300 series is its astute resource allocation. This technology ensures optimal distribution of resources, mitigating lag and enhancing performance. Network optimization tailored for gaming maintains stable connections, reducing latency and elevating the gaming experience. Furthermore, Bluetooth LE with Dual-Link True Wireless Stereo Audio offers superior sound quality with minimal power consumption.

Imaging Enhancements

Photography aficionados will revel in the imaging advancements of the Dimensity 7300 series. The newly introduced MediaTek Imagiq 950, featuring a 12-bit HDR-ISP, enables mid-range phones to support a 200MP primary camera. This capability translates into remarkable photo quality and enhanced video functionalities. Improved hardware elements such as noise reduction, face detection, and video HDR ensure every shot is crystal clear. Live focus photos and photo remastering are now 1.3X and 1.5X faster than the Dimensity 7050, simplifying the process of capturing and editing impeccable moments.

AI Enhancements

The MediaTek APU 655 significantly amplifies AI performance, doubling the capabilities of the Dimensity 7050. This enhancement introduces sophisticated AI features such as real-time image enhancement, voice recognition, and intelligent battery management to mid-range devices. These upgrades provide experiences typically reserved for flagship models.

Dual Display Support

The Dimensity 7300X supports dual displays, unlocking new possibilities for affordable foldable devices. This feature allows users to enjoy the benefits of dual screens without incurring a high cost. Whether multitasking, gaming, or viewing videos, dual display support enriches the user experience.

Power Efficiency

Utilizing 25% less power, the Dimensity 7300 series excels in energy efficiency. By reducing the energy demand of performance cores, users experience longer usage times between charges. This efficiency is particularly beneficial for gaming and multimedia consumption, ultimately extending battery life and enhancing the overall user experience.

Market Implications

The introduction of the Dimensity 7300 series is poised to significantly impact the mid-range smartphone market. With its advanced features, MediaTek positions itself as a formidable contender against other chipset manufacturers. The combination of enhanced gaming, AI, imaging, and power efficiency makes the Dimensity 7300 series highly appealing to smartphone manufacturers and users alike.


In summation, MediaTek’s Dimensity 7300 series establishes a new paradigm for mid-range chipsets. With substantial improvements in gaming, AI, imaging, and power efficiency, it represents a considerable upgrade over previous models. As these chipsets are integrated into new devices, users can anticipate a richer, more efficient, and immersive experience. The Dimensity 7300 and 7300X are poised to redefine the capabilities of mid-range devices, bridging the gap to flagship performance.


What distinguishes the Dimensity 7300 from the 7300X?

The primary difference is that the Dimensity 7300X supports dual displays, enabling more versatile device designs, including cost-effective foldable smartphones.

How does the Dimensity 7300 series enhance gaming performance?

The Dimensity 7300 series elevates gaming performance through its Arm Mali-G615 GPU and MediaTek HyperEngine optimizations, delivering 20% higher FPS and 20% lower power consumption compared to rivals.

What imaging enhancements does the Dimensity 7300 series offer?

The Dimensity 7300 series incorporates the MediaTek Imagiq 950 with a 12-bit HDR-ISP, supporting up to a 200MP primary camera and offering improved noise reduction, face detection, and video HDR. Live focus photo and photo remastering are also significantly faster.

What is the significance of the AI performance boost in the Dimensity 7300 series?

The MediaTek APU 655 doubles the AI performance of the Dimensity 7050, enabling advanced AI features like real-time image enhancement, voice recognition, and intelligent battery management, thereby improving the user experience.

How does the power efficiency of the Dimensity 7300 series compare to its predecessors?

The Dimensity 7300 series boasts 25% lower power consumption on performance cores compared to the Dimensity 7050. This results in extended battery life and improved efficiency for various tasks.

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