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Microsoft and OpenAI’s $100 Billion Supercomputer “Stargate”: A Game-Changer in AI

Microsoft and OpenAI have joined forces for an incredible project: a supercomputer called “Stargate” worth $100 billion, set to change AI forever. This big project aims to meet the growing need for AI data centers that can handle tough tasks, all thanks to advances in AI technology.

Stargate is expected to start working in 2028, and it’ll be in the USA, the result of a six-year effort. Microsoft is paying most of the bill and is already making a smaller supercomputer for OpenAI, coming out in 2026.

Getting special AI chips, each costing between $30,000 and $40,000, is a big expense. Microsoft is teaming up with chip makers to help cover the costs and using its own custom chips.

The Stargate project could end up costing over $115 billion, more than what Microsoft has spent before on infrastructure. This big investment shows how serious Microsoft is about making AI better and working with others to bring new ideas.

At the same time as Stargate, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman talked about GPT-5, the next AI model, at the World Government Summit in Dubai. GPT-5 is expected to be even better than earlier versions and maybe even close to human smarts. It’s supposed to do amazing things like understand old languages, make pictures with DALL-E, and create videos with Sora. It’s set to come out around 2024 and change how we see AI.

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