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Motorola Edge 50 Ultra: Sneak Peek into Design, Colors, and Specs

When it comes to smartphones, people always get excited before learning what’s new. Motorola is about to release something exciting: the Motorola Edge 50 Ultra. Let’s take a look at its design, colors, and specs that everyone’s talking about.

Design Revealed: Getting a Glimpse Before the big reveal, leaked pictures of the Motorola Edge 50 Ultra show the date ‘April 3’ on the lock screen. Just a peek, but enough to get everyone talking about its upcoming launch.

Color Choices: Beige, Black, and Peach Reports say the Motorola Edge 50 Ultra will come in three cool colors: Beige, Black, and Peach. These colors are for everyone, adding style and fun to the mix.

Model Name: Moto X50 Ultra In some places, the Motorola Edge 50 Ultra might also be called the ‘Moto X50 Ultra.’ This change in name is to make it more appealing to different markets, hinting at a big release worldwide.

Specs Teaser: Amazing Cameras The Motorola Edge 50 Ultra shines with its camera features, with three lenses packed into a sleek body. Leaked pictures show three cameras on the back, including one with great zoom.

Screen Details: Beautiful Curved Display With a curved OLED screen, the Motorola Edge 50 Ultra promises a great viewing experience. The front camera fits nicely in the middle, keeping everything looking sleek.

Performance and Interface: Meet Hello UI and Android 14 Underneath it all, the Motorola Edge 50 Ultra is set to give users a smooth experience with its Hello UI, based on Android 14. With updates for three years, it’ll keep up with the latest tech trends.

Expected Price: What’s the Cost? Rumors suggest the Motorola Edge 50 Ultra might cost around $999 (about Rs. 83,300). This puts it in the premium range, offering top-notch features for its value.

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