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Motorola Updates Moto G84 5G with Android 14 in India

Motorola has started updating its Moto G84 5G phones in India to the new Android 14 OS. This is a big step for the device, which first came out with Android 13-based My UX.

New Stuff and Changes The new software, version UTC34.22-64-6, is pretty big at 1.85GB and has the latest security patch from February 2024. Some important features in this update are about privacy and accessibility.

Privacy Features Now, users can control which photos and videos apps can see, get alerts if apps share their location, and know if there’s an unknown tracker. These changes are to give users more control over their personal info.

Accessibility Improvements To help users more, Motorola made it so the phone flashes for notifications. They also made it easier to zoom in on the screen, which helps people with bad eyesight. Also, they put all health data in one place, making it easier for everyone.

Part of Motorola’s Big Plan This Android 14 update for the Moto G84 5G is just one step in Motorola’s plan to update many of its phones. Other phones like the Razr 40 Ultra and some Edge and Moto G models will also get updates. This shows Motorola wants to keep its users happy with the newest software.

Ending Thoughts Motorola bringing Android 14 to the Moto G84 5G shows they care about giving quick updates and making their phones better for users. This update focuses on privacy and making things easier to use, which is good for everyone.

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