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New Bajaj Chetak Variant Launch Confirmed: A Step Towards Affordable E-Mobility

Bajaj Auto, a big name in Indian cars, recently said they’re launching a new version of their popular electric scooter, the Bajaj Chetak. Rakesh Sharma, who’s in charge at Bajaj Auto, talked about this in a recent chat. They’re doing this to reach more people who want electric scooters.

Confirmation of Launch

Rakesh Sharma said they’re serious about making more Chetak e-scooters to sell to more people. They want to offer something new and capture more of the market. They see more people wanting electric vehicles in India.

Expectations from the New Variant

People think the new Chetak will be a big deal and might cost less than Rs 1 lakh. This makes sense because the government isn’t giving as much money for electric vehicles as before.

Impact of Subsidies on EVs

Because the government isn’t giving as much money for electric vehicles, companies like Bajaj are changing their plans. They want to make cheaper electric scooters. Other companies like Ather and Ola are doing the same.

Potential Specifications of the New Variant

The new Bajaj Chetak might have a smaller motor and battery to keep costs down. They want to balance how well it works with how much it costs, so more people can buy it.

Features of the New Chetak Variant

The new Bajaj Chetak might have a simple screen and fewer features to save money. They still want it to be easy and fun to ride.

Launch Timeline

People are excited about the new Chetak, which might come out in April or May. It’ll be interesting to see how it compares to other scooters from TVS, Ather, and Ola.

Competitive Landscape

When the new Chetak comes out, Bajaj will be competing with TVS, Ather, and Ola in the electric scooter market. This competition might lead to better scooters for everyone.

Expansion of Dealership Network

Bajaj wants to open more stores to sell their scooters, going from 200 to over 500 soon. This will help more people buy their scooters.

Current Market Position of Bajaj Chetak

The Bajaj Chetak is already doing well, ranking third in electric scooters. With more stores, it might sell even more.

Significance of Expansion Plans

Bajaj’s plans to grow are a big deal for the Chetak brand. With more stores and more scooters, they want to be a leader in electric vehicles.

Consumer Expectations

People are excited about the new Chetak because it’s supposed to be affordable, work well, and help the environment. Bajaj has a good reputation, so people are hopeful.

Environmental Benefits

Electric scooters like the new Chetak can help the environment by reducing pollution. People who buy them are helping make the world cleaner.

Future Prospects for Bajaj Chetak

Bajaj’s plans for the new Chetak show they’re serious about electric vehicles. They hope more people will buy them, making India’s roads cleaner and greener.


The new Chetak from Bajaj shows they’re thinking about making electric vehicles everyone can afford. They’re focusing on making good, cheap, and eco-friendly scooters. This could change how we think about electric vehicles in India.

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