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New Call of Duty to Come to Xbox Game Pass? Microsoft Gears Up for Xbox Showcase, Hints at Big Changes

Microsoft is getting everyone excited for its Xbox Games Showcase on June 10th. The big talk is about the new Call of Duty possibly coming to Xbox Game Pass. This event, which includes a secret “Direct” presentation, might change the game. Let’s look at what it could mean for gamers and the industry.

Microsoft’s Upcoming Xbox Games Showcase

June 10th is the date to remember. Microsoft is planning something huge. The Xbox Games Showcase will have lots of new reveals. Fans and industry insiders are eager to hear the announcements. It’s not just about new games. It’s also about big changes in Microsoft’s gaming strategy.

The Mystery “Direct” Presentation

One exciting part of the showcase is the “Direct” presentation. Microsoft hasn’t said much about it, causing lots of speculation. Some think it will go deep into major titles. Others believe it might reveal new hardware or services. Whatever it is, the “Direct” is expected to be a major highlight.

Rumors About the Next Call of Duty

There are lots of rumors that the next Call of Duty will be a key part of the Xbox Showcase. Leaks suggest it could be a new Black Ops game set during the Gulf War. If it’s added to Game Pass, it would be a big change in how the franchise is played and sold.

Microsoft’s Overhaul of Game Sales Strategy

Microsoft has hinted at a big change in its game sales strategy. The plan is to make Game Pass the center of its gaming world. This means offering major titles, including new releases, on Game Pass from day one. The goal is to make games more accessible and boost subscriptions. This could change how games are sold and played.

Inclusion of Call of Duty in Game Pass

If the rumors are true, adding the next Call of Duty to Game Pass would be huge. For years, Call of Duty has made a lot of money through traditional sales. By putting it on Game Pass, Microsoft hopes to get more subscribers and keep players in its ecosystem. This could greatly increase the value of the service.

The Wall Street Journal Report

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Microsoft’s strategy is to include big titles like Call of Duty in Game Pass. This move responds to changing consumer habits and the rise of subscription services in gaming.

Xbox President Sarah Bond’s Announcement

Sarah Bond, Xbox President, announced a mobile Xbox game app store launching in July. This store will have all first-party games, including the next Call of Duty, on Game Pass from day one. This fits into Microsoft’s plan to make Game Pass a go-to for gamers on any platform.

The New Call of Duty: What We Know So Far

What do we know about the next Call of Duty? Details are limited, but rumors say it’s a new Black Ops set during the Gulf War. This setting offers fresh storylines and gameplay. Developers say this could be one of the most ambitious games in the series.

Game Pass Price Increase: Potential Implications

With these changes, a Game Pass price increase seems likely. This might worry some subscribers, but adding high-profile games like Call of Duty could make the higher price worth it. Microsoft is betting that the increased value will keep and grow its subscriber base.

Content Cannibalization Concerns

A major concern with this strategy is content cannibalization. This means losing traditional game sales revenue because new titles are on Game Pass. Xbox executives say Game Pass boosts overall sales by making games more accessible. But some publishers worry that easy access might lower a game’s perceived value.

Comparisons with Sony’s Strategy

Microsoft’s strategy is different from Sony’s. Sony doesn’t offer new exclusive titles through its subscription service right away. Instead, Sony focuses on traditional sales, with PlayStation Plus offering older or less prominent titles. Microsoft believes Game Pass’s model better fits the changing gaming landscape.

Industry Reactions and Predictions

The industry’s reaction to these rumors is mixed. Some analysts praise Microsoft’s bold approach. Others caution it could backfire if the perceived value of individual games drops.

The Future of Game Pass

Looking ahead, Game Pass is set for big growth. If Microsoft’s strategy works, Game Pass could become the top gaming subscription service. This would boost Xbox’s market share and change how games are developed, marketed, and played. Including major titles from day one could set a new industry standard.


Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Games Showcase could redefine its gaming strategy. The rumored inclusion of the next Call of Duty in Game Pass is a bold move that might change the gaming world. There are risks, but the potential rewards for Microsoft and gamers are huge. As we wait for the showcase, excitement and speculation continue to build.


  • Will the new Call of Duty definitely be on Game Pass?

While it’s not confirmed, strong rumors and Microsoft’s strategic moves suggest the next Call of Duty will likely be on Game Pass from day one.

  • How much will Game Pass cost after the price increase?

The new price hasn’t been announced yet, but any increase will come with significant additions to the service’s library, making the higher cost worthwhile.

  • What is the “Direct” presentation about?

Details of the “Direct” presentation are still secret, but it’s expected to feature in-depth looks at major upcoming titles or new service announcements.

  • How does Microsoft’s strategy compare to Sony’s?

Microsoft offers new titles on Game Pass immediately, while Sony provides older titles through its subscription service and relies more on traditional sales for new releases.

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