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NoiseFit Origin Launch: Top Smartwatch with AMOLED Screen & New Chip

Noise, a leading name in wearables, just launched its high-end smartwatch, the NoiseFit Origin. This new model is a big step up for the brand. It has advanced features and a sleek design for picky users. Let’s see what makes the NoiseFit Origin stand out in the busy smartwatch market.

NoiseFit Origin Design and Build

The NoiseFit Origin grabs attention with its stainless steel body. The brushed finish gives it a fancy look and feel. It’s a stylish accessory for any outfit. It’s also built to last, with a 3ATM water resistance rating, so it can handle splashes and light water activities.

Display Features

The NoiseFit Origin has a stunning 1.46-inch ApexVision AMOLED display. This screen has a sharp 466 x 466 resolution and gets as bright as 600 nits, so it’s easy to see even in bright sunlight. The always-on display shows the time and key info without waking the screen. The new Nebula UI makes it easy to use and navigate the watch’s features.


Inside, the NoiseFit Origin runs on the new EN 1 processor. This chip is 30% faster than older models, making everything run smoothly. From navigating menus to tracking workouts, the EN 1 processor keeps everything quick and easy.

Health and Fitness Tracking

The NoiseFit Origin is great for health tracking. It monitors heart rate 24/7, analyzes sleep, measures blood oxygen levels, and tracks stress. It also has a special tracker for women’s health. These features help users keep track of their health and reach their fitness goals.

Smart Features

The NoiseFit Origin offers more than health tracking. It has smart features to make life easier. Gesture controls let you do things with simple hand movements, and smart widgets show key info at a glance. The watch connects to your phone via Bluetooth 5.3 for reliable notifications and calls.

Battery Life

A key feature of the NoiseFit Origin is its long battery life. It lasts up to 7 days on a single charge, so you don’t need to recharge often. When you do need to recharge, the fast charging feature gets you back to full power quickly.

Customization Options

You can personalize the NoiseFit Origin with over 100 watch faces. It comes in six colors: Jet Black, Silver Grey, Midnight Black, Mosaic Blue, Classic Black, and Classic Brown. There’s a style for everyone.

User Experience

The Nebula UI makes using the NoiseFit Origin simple and enjoyable. Whether you’re tech-savvy or new to smartwatches, the interface is easy to use.

Pricing and Availability

The NoiseFit Origin costs 6,499 INR (about 78 USD), making it an affordable option in the premium smartwatch market. You can buy it on Noise’s website and Croma stores starting today (5th June 2024). It will also be available on Amazon and Flipkart from 7th June 2024.

Comparison with Previous Models

Compared to the recent ColorFit Pulse 4, the NoiseFit Origin has a better display, a faster processor, and more health tracking features. While the ColorFit Pulse 4 is good for budget shoppers, the NoiseFit Origin offers a more refined experience with its high-quality build and advanced features.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Early reviews of the NoiseFit Origin are very positive. Users love its sleek design, bright display, and comprehensive health tracking features. Many praise the Nebula UI for its ease of use and the performance boost from the EN 1 processor. More positive feedback is expected as more people use this smartwatch.


The NoiseFit Origin is a great addition to Noise’s smartwatch lineup. Its premium design, advanced display, strong performance, and extensive health tracking make it a top choice for those looking to upgrade their wearable tech. With a great price, it’s set to be a popular choice in India.


  1. How durable is the NoiseFit Origin?

The NoiseFit Origin is very durable. Its stainless steel build and 3ATM water resistance make it good for daily wear and light swimming.

  1. Does it support third-party apps?

Currently, the NoiseFit Origin focuses on built-in features and doesn’t support third-party apps. But it has a wide range of functions to meet most needs.

  1. How accurate are the health monitoring features?

The NoiseFit Origin’s health features, like heart rate, sleep, and blood oxygen tracking, are designed to be very accurate. But they should not replace professional medical advice.

  1. Can it be used for swimming?

Yes, with a 3ATM water resistance rating, the NoiseFit Origin can handle light swimming and splashes, making it suitable for many water activities.

  1. What is the warranty period?

The NoiseFit Origin comes with a one-year warranty covering manufacturing defects, giving users peace of mind.


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