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OnePlus Reveals New Logo for Ace Series Before Ace 3 Pro Launch

Ace series

OnePlus is known for its innovative smartphone designs and performance. Recently, excitement grew as OnePlus China President Li Jie hinted at the Ace 3 Pro launch on social media. He posted on June 14th, saying, “Everything is ready, a performance beast, see you next week!” with an image of the new Ace series logo. Let’s explore what makes this launch exciting.

Ace series New Logo Reveal

The new Ace series logo grabbed attention. It represents a fresh start and a new direction for the Ace series. The logo features sleek lines and a minimalist design, symbolizing OnePlus’s commitment to elegance and simplicity.

Anticipation for Ace 3 Pro

Li Jie’s teasers have built up excitement. He called the Ace 3 Pro a “performance beast,” which has tech fans eagerly waiting. The buzz is high as people speculate about the new device’s features. The launch is near, and excitement is growing.

Battery Life and Charging

The Ace 3 Pro’s battery life stands out. It’s rumored to have a 6100mAh battery, a first for OnePlus. This battery promises long usage times. The phone will also have 100W fast charging for quick recharges. Its internal codename “Dayu” hints at its strong performance.

Design and Build

The Ace 3 Pro will have a stylish design. It features a metal middle frame and a 3D-integrated ceramic back for a premium feel. Leaks suggest multiple back panel options: “hot forged white ceramic,” “bright silver glass,” and “plain leather.” There’s a choice for everyone.

Display Features

The Ace 3 Pro boasts a 6.78-inch 1.5K 8T LTPO curved screen. This display promises vibrant colors and sharp details, ideal for multimedia and gaming. The curved design enhances the immersive experience.

Camera Specifications

Photography fans will love the Ace 3 Pro’s camera setup. Rumors say it will have a triple-camera system with a 50MP main camera, 8MP, and 2MP sensors. This setup should perform well in different lighting conditions, capturing stunning photos and videos.

Performance and Hardware

The Ace 3 Pro is a performance powerhouse. While exact specs are unknown, OnePlus aims for top-tier performance. Expect the latest processor, ample RAM, and robust storage for smooth performance under heavy use.

Software and User Interface

The Ace 3 Pro will run on the latest OxygenOS. This OS is known for its clean interface and user-friendly features. Users can expect a seamless experience with customization options.

Market Positioning

The Ace 3 Pro is set to be a strong market contender. With its impressive specs and design, it will stand out. Competitor analysis suggests few rivals, giving OnePlus an edge. Key features like the large battery and versatile camera make it appealing.

User Reactions and Reviews

Early reactions are positive. The high performance, stylish design, and innovative features excite potential users. They can’t wait to try the Ace 3 Pro.

Pricing and Availability

Exact pricing isn’t confirmed, but the Ace 3 Pro will likely be competitively priced in the premium segment. OnePlus usually offers high-value products, and this should be no different. The official launch is next week, with availability soon after.


The OnePlus Ace 3 Pro promises to be a standout in the smartphone market. Its powerful performance, stunning design, and innovative features offer an exceptional user experience. The new logo marks a fresh chapter for the Ace series, showing OnePlus’s commitment to innovation. As we await the launch, excitement builds for one of the year’s most anticipated releases.


What is the battery capacity of the Ace 3 Pro?

The Ace 3 Pro is rumored to have a 6100mAh battery, supported by 100W fast charging.

What are the design options for the Ace 3 Pro?

The Ace 3 Pro will have options like a hot forged white ceramic body, a bright silver glass body, and a plain leather body.

What camera features does the Ace 3 Pro have?

It is expected to have a triple-camera system with a 50MP main camera, and 8MP and 2MP sensors.

When will the Ace 3 Pro be available?

The official launch is expected next week, with availability soon after.

What is the expected price of the Ace 3 Pro?

While pricing isn’t confirmed, it will likely be competitively priced within the premium segment.

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