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Samsung Care+ will give you unlimited battery repairs starting in May.

Samsung Care+

Having a smartphone nowadays means you depend a lot on its battery. Samsung knows how important it is to keep your battery healthy. So, they’re updating their Samsung Care+ plans in the US. From May, if you have Care+, you can get unlimited battery repairs.

What You Need to Know About Care+ Battery Repairs It’s great news that Samsung is adding unlimited battery repairs to their Care+ plans. But before you get excited, here are some important details to keep in mind.

Who Can Get Battery Repairs To get a battery repair with Care+, your battery’s health must be 79% or lower. This will be checked with a diagnostic test. Also, your device shouldn’t have any other damages. This makes sure the repair service is used for real battery problems.

How You Can Get Repairs Care+ members can choose between walking in or mailing their device for battery repairs. This makes it easy for users to fix any battery issues without any trouble.

What Happens to the Price

Though getting unlimited battery repairs is good news, there’s a small change in the price. Starting May, Care+ with Theft and Loss plans will cost $2 more per month. But the value of unlimited battery repairs is much more than this small increase.

Comparing Samsung Care+ Plans

Understanding the difference between Samsung’s Care+ plans can help you decide which one fits you best.

What’s Covered Care+ covers a lot, like unlimited repairs, protection from drops and spills, and $29 screen repairs. You also get next business day replacements, 24/7 expert support, and genuine Samsung parts used by certified technicians. On the other hand, Samsung Care+ with Theft and Loss covers theft and loss of devices too, but it’s only for phones, tablets, and watches.

How Much You Pay The price for Samsung Care+ and Samsung Care+ with Theft and Loss depends on the device. Currently, it’s between $8 to $18 per month with a three-year contract. From May, it’ll be about $10 to $20 per month. Even with the price change, the good coverage and benefits make it worth it for many users.

Why Samsung Care+ is Great

Samsung Care+ offers many benefits to make sure users feel safe and supported with their devices.

Lots of Coverage From unlimited repairs to protection against drops and spills, Samsung Care+ has your back to keep your devices safe.

Easy Repairs Whether you walk in or mail your device, Samsung Care+ makes it simple to get reliable repairs when you need them.

Expert Help With 24/7 support from experts, you can trust that your questions or worries will be taken care of quickly.

Why Samsung Care+ with Theft and Loss is Even Better If you want extra peace of mind and protection, Samsung Care+ with Theft and Loss is a great choice.

More Protection With coverage for theft and loss, this plan gives you extra security and financial protection.

Device Compatibility Samsung Care+ covers a wide range of devices, but Care+ with Theft and Loss is just for phones, tablets, and watches.

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