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Samsung Ditches Qualcomm: Galaxy S25 Goes All-Exynos

Phones are getting more expensive. What used to be fancy at $800 is now normal. This is because phones are getting better, but it costs more to make them.

Take the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, found in top Android phones. It’s about $200, 25% more than the last one. And that means higher phone prices.

Higher Costs for Making Phones As phones get fancier, making them gets harder. The expensive parts, like processors, make it pricier to build phones.

What Qualcomm and Snapdragon Chips Do Qualcomm makes Snapdragon processors. These chips are famous for being fast and not using too much power, so lots of phone makers use them.

Samsung’s History with Qualcomm Samsung usually uses Qualcomm’s chips in its best phones, even though it has its own, called Exynos.

Samsung Switches to Exynos But now, Samsung is using its Exynos chips more. They want to save money and not rely too much on other companies.

Plans for Galaxy S25 Rumors say Samsung will use more Exynos chips in future Galaxy phones, starting in 2024. This matches their plan to be more independent.

Samsung’s Goals:

Save Money and Be Independent More Exynos chips means making phones easier and not worrying about prices changing. Samsung wants to spend less and be more in control.

Making Exynos Chips Better Some people say Exynos chips aren’t as good as Snapdragon ones. Samsung knows this and is trying to make Exynos better.

Why Only Exynos Chips Could Be Good If Samsung only uses Exynos chips, it might make phones more consistent and cheaper to make.

What This Means for You You might get cheaper Samsung phones with better performance. But how well the phone works is still important.

In Conclusion: Samsung’s New Plan Samsung using more Exynos chips is a big deal. They want to save money and be in charge, even as the phone world changes.

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