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Building Your Own Special Motorcycle: The Triumph Speed 400 Diabolus Tracker The Emergence of Unique Custom Motorcycles

People who love motorcycles have always been drawn to custom ones because they look different and perform just the way they like. Among these, scramblers are popular for their tough appearance and ability to handle rough terrain. Let’s talk about the newest creation by K-Speed Customs: the Triumph Speed 400 Diabolus Tracker.

A Quick Look at K-Speed Customs

K-Speed Customs, based in Thailand, is well-known for making custom motorcycles, especially scramblers. Their bold designs and careful work have gained them fame worldwide.

Introducing the Diabolus Tracker

  • Design: The Diabolus Tracker has a rough, wild look similar to old motocross bikes. It has a round headlight, a high fender, and a simple shape that shows it’s ready for off-road adventures.
  • Changes and Features: Under its tough exterior, there are many changes. The standard Speed 400 is modified with special panels, a new exhaust system, and a shorter frame for a sleeker look. It now rides on big tires meant for both on and off-road use, adding to its ruggedness.
Triumph Speed 400

Where to Find Parts: K-Speed’s Offer

People who want their bikes to look like the Diabolus Tracker can buy custom parts from K-Speed’s website. They offer everything from exhausts to tail sections, letting riders make their bikes unique.

Shipping and Taxes

If you’re in India and want to buy from K-Speed, remember there might be taxes to pay on top of shipping costs. You might need to talk to customs about these extra charges.

Custom Colors in Pune

In Pune, there’s a shop that can paint your Speed 400 or Scrambler 400 X any color you want. While these changes are mostly about looks, they’re an easy way to make your bike stand out.

Triumph Speed 400 Diabolus Tracker

Triumph Speed 400 Power and Price

Despite its tough look, the Triumph Speed 400 is powerful. Its 398.15cc engine gives it 40PS and 37.5Nm of torque, making it fun to ride both on roads and off them. It costs Rs 2,33,000 in showrooms, competing well with other bikes in its size range.

In Conclusion

The Triumph Speed 400 Diabolus Tracker shows off the best of custom motorcycle work, combining style and performance perfectly. Whether you’re riding in the city or out in the wilderness, this unique scrambler promises an exciting experience like no other.

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