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Xiaomi Redmi Buds 6 Active: An Affordable Marvel Boasting 14.2mm Dynamic Driver and Bluetooth 5.4, Now Available in China for 14 Dollars

Xiaomi has once more astounded the tech realm, presenting an economical yet feature-laden marvel—the Redmi Buds 6 Active. Valued at a mere 99 yuan (circa ), these earbuds are brimming with attributes that defy their budget-friendly price. Recently launched in the Chinese market, they are now officially accessible for purchase. Let’s delve into the qualities that render these earbuds a distinguished selection.

Design and Build

The craftsmanship of the Redmi Buds 6 Active is nothing short of extraordinary. Boasting an ergonomic semi-in-ear architecture, these earbuds are sculpted for supreme comfort. They nestle snugly in the ear, minimizing the likelihood of dislodgement during use. Enhancing their allure is a vibrant blue variant, featuring a transparent case cover and a high-gloss decorative strip. This endows the earbuds with a chic and vivacious appearance that’s difficult to resist. Furthermore, with an IPX4 water resistance rating, they are ideal for both athletic endeavors and travel.

Audio Performance

Central to the Redmi Buds 6 Active is a 14.2mm dynamic driver unit. This potent driver ensures profound bass and an immersive auditory experience. Whether you are an aficionado of deep bass or a devotee of crisp treble, these earbuds have your preferences covered. The earbuds provide five intrinsic sound tuning modes to cater to various auditory tastes:

  • Bass Boost: For enthusiasts of robust low-end frequencies.
  • High Treble Boost: Elevates the clarity of high frequencies.
  • Vocal Boost: Optimal for podcasts and vocal-centric tracks.
  • Volume Boost: Enhances overall sound for those who prefer higher volumes.
  • Default Mode: A balanced setting for quotidian listening.

Battery Life and Charging

Another domain where the Redmi Buds 6 Active excels is battery longevity. With the charging case, one can enjoy up to 30 hours of playback. On a solitary charge, the earbuds last up to 6 hours, which is rather commendable. Moreover, if pressed for time, the quick charge feature is invaluable—a mere 10-minute charge affords up to 1 hour of music playback.

Call Quality and Noise Reduction

Making calls with the Redmi Buds 6 Active is effortless, thanks to the dual-microphone wind noise reduction technology. This attribute significantly diminishes ambient noise, ensuring clear call quality even in windy environments. Whether indoors or outdoors, your calls will be crystal clear, rendering these earbuds versatile for all settings.

Smart Features

The Redmi Buds 6 Active also supports one-touch wake-up for voice assistants. This feature allows seamless access to your voice assistant with a simple touch, adding a layer of convenience to your daily routine. Whether inquiring about the weather, setting reminders, or controlling your music, it’s all just a touch away.


In terms of connectivity, the Redmi Buds 6 Active does not disappoint. They support Bluetooth 5.4, ensuring a swifter and more stable connection. This Bluetooth version also offers ultra-low latency of 90ms, making them perfect for gaming and video watching without noticeable lag.

Compatibility and Customization

These earbuds are not solely about exceptional sound; they also provide excellent compatibility and customization options. They hold the NetEase Cloud Music hardware certification, which ensures a professional sound effect adaptation when used with the NetEase Cloud Music app. Furthermore, they are compatible with the Xiaomi Earphones App, enabling users to check battery status, modify gesture functions, and personalize settings for a bespoke audio experience.

User Experience

The Redmi Buds 6 Active are designed to be your quotidian companion. Their comfort and fit make them ideal for prolonged listening sessions, whether working out, traveling, or simply lounging at home. The amalgamation of practical features and affordability makes these earbuds a preferred choice for a broad spectrum of users.


In summation, the Xiaomi Redmi Buds 6 Active offers unparalleled value for money. Priced at just , they deliver features and performance typically found in significantly pricier earbuds. With excellent sound quality, impressive battery life, and a host of smart features, they are a fantastic option for anyone seeking budget-friendly yet high-performing earbuds. Xiaomi continues to elevate the benchmark in the realm of affordable audio accessories.


How does the quick charge feature work?

The quick charge feature allows for up to 1 hour of music playback with just a 10-minute charge, particularly useful when you’re in a rush and need a rapid battery boost.

What are the available color options?

The Redmi Buds 6 Active are available in three hues: Black, White, and Blue. The Blue option features a transparent case cover and a high-gloss decorative strip for a stylish look.

How do the sound tuning modes improve the listening experience?

The sound tuning modes cater to different auditory preferences. Whether you prefer enhanced bass, clear treble, or balanced audio, you can switch between modes like Bass Boost, High Treble Boost, Vocal Boost, Volume Boost, and Default Mode to customize your listening experience.

Can Redmi Buds 6 Active earbuds be used for gaming?

Yes, the Redmi Buds 6 Active are suitable for gaming. They feature Bluetooth 5.4 with an ultra-low latency of 90ms, ensuring a seamless and lag-free gaming experience.

What are the benefits of Bluetooth 5.4 in these earbuds?

Bluetooth 5.4 offers a faster and more stable connection compared to previous versions. Redmi Buds 6 Active also provides ultra-low latency, which is perfect for activities that require precise audio-visual synchronization, such as gaming and watching videos.

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